Personal Plan for Technology

Personal Plan for Using Technology

  1. Personal Productivity Tools
    1. Google Drive- For all of my storage uses. Unlike other platforms Drive can be used on every device that can access the internet. It is also a great way for students to turn in projects and homework.
    2. Google Calendar- For all calendar information. Google Calendar is also very easy to share with students and is a great format for them to know when things are due.
  2. Presentation Software
    1. Google Slides- I personally like Google Slides more than PowerPoint because it is so much easier to share and use then Powerpoint is.
  3. Personal Learning Network
    1. Facebook- To post notes and fun information about the topic. Having a Facebook page that students can post questions to is helpful for them and for me.
    2. Pinterest- I love Pinterest. It is easy to find interesting lesson plans and to share them. There is also an option to rearrange pins and place them in the way you want them.
  4. Quizzing Sites
    1. For a fun way to quiz students and see the results quickly.
    2. Kahoot!- A great website to review topics and vocabulary. Uses students competitive nature to create a fun environment.
  5. Mathematics Software
    1. Desmos- A free, online graphing calculator. Desmos can plot a variety of different equations, from lines to parabolas and more. It is available online and as an app.
  6. Screen Capturing Software
    1. Print Screen Button– I like the simplicity of the technology that is already included on my computer.


  7. Website Software

    1. WordPress- I really like how user friendly WordPress is, it is easy to navigate and it provides templates. I like that it is free to use but you can buy your website if you would like to.